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Two More Patterns to Share

This is the third post about my newly released October patterns. Previous posts included my two Hanukkah designs and my two Arid patterns.

There are two more patterns to share with all of you. First up is Floral Delight:

This pattern was inspired by a page from a book printed in 1666. As has been mentioned before, I love old (as in centuries old) pattern books and am constantly finding them online, scanned in now for the world to see. I brought this design into the 21st century with the use of color and some modifications of what was created over 450 years ago.

And finally, here is my pattern called Interwoven:

Also been mentioned before is my love of geometric designs. I was playing around with ideas about making a knot, which is to say one long continuous loop. This didn’t happen for this design, but I’m rather pleased with what did come out: four figure 8 paths that intertwined, with some floral motifs thrown in as well. You may be able to see the connection between this and my Hanukkah Star design.

Overall, I am pleased with what I’ve shared with you this month and am already working on the next set of patterns, to be released in a few months!

Floral Delight as a paper pattern can be found here

Floral Delight as a pdf download can be found here

Interwoven as a paper pattern can be found here

Interwoven as a pdf download can be found here

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