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Thoughts on Designing

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about cross stitch designer “styles” and how I might describe or categorize my work. For example, I am NOT a “reproduction sampler designer” or a “cutesy smalls designer” or a “whimsical and primitive designer” – I think you get the idea. When trying to describe my work, I’ll say that I’m eclectic. I create designs made of lace, I created designs from historical patterns, I create designs from geometrical sources, and I also create designs from anything that inspires me. While I know there are PLENTY of designers that would not put themself in one category or another – i.e. someone that does many reproduction samplers might also do some other designs -, I get a little stuck in feeling that my style is not “typical” in the cross stitch world.

This had me posting a question to a group of designers: “Do you design what you yourself would want to stitch (whether or not you stitch it yourself or use model stitchers)? Or do you design with an eye towards what might be “in” in the cross stitch world or what might be more likely to become a ‘best seller’? ” The response was overwhelming the former rather than the latter. Most designers create what they themselves want to stitch. By looking at the depth and breadth of patterns out there, this translates to many many styles and interests.

So, while I sometimes feel “off-beat” or not quite “in” in the cross stitch world, I figure that my work might appeal to some stitchers out there and that’s why I keep doing what I am doing. While there may be some popular designs/designers/styles – patterns and designers that many, many people enjoy stitching – there are also stitchers like myself, just looking for something a little different. I just hope those people can find me 🙂

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