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The Start of a Big Project

Everyone feels different when they are at the beginning of a big project. I know this.  There is excitement over something new, fresh new fabric, threads, needle, etc. – a blank slate just waiting to be filled.  I am (mostly) a one project at a time stitcher, although some slight stretches of that since I have been designing.  After finishing the red and gold version of A Different View by Threedles, I knew what would be coming next:  a new design of my own.

I officially began this a few days ago, but stitching time in these few days has been minimal.


This design doesn’t have a name yet.  It is a monochrome piece, meaning a stitcher could put it on any fabric and use any thread they so desire.  I am stitching it on a 36 count fabric from Silkweaver called Crushed Cranberries.  I can’t get the color completely right in a picture – this looks more pink than it really is in person.  I’m using DMC Floche thread in 712 (cream).  Floche gives a nice coverage on 36 count and is a thread worth trying at some point.  Although, it does require a little effort to get your hands on it.  (I ordered it from a seller on Etsy.)

I admit, I’m having a little bit of a hard time jumping full in.  Maybe it is because the past few days have allowed for only bits of stitching.  Maybe because I’m a little bit daunted by what is ahead of me (300 x 270 in size).  Any number of factors.  I’m looking forward to getting into a good rhythm and letting the stitches just flow, but I know that is gong to take a little bit of time.

You see, in a couple of days, I’ll be headed to Nashville for Market.  Yesterday, I began stressing over the fact that I really needed a travel project to take with me (show up to a cross stitch event without some cross stitch to do in the down time? – blasphemy!) The one small piece I have – a design of mine from some time ago that is already out there as a pattern, but I had started on a model for it – seemed like the solution here.  Found the project.  But, for whatever reason, I couldn’t find the baggie of threads that go with it.  I cannot tell you how long I spent in frustration looking for it.  Grrrr….

I’m about to go take another look or resign in frustration and think up something else (small) to take.  All the while being frustrated that I can’t/won’t take this big new piece (certainly not worth the trouble of taking a large piece on the road) to get going with some significant progress.

First world problems, I know. 🙂

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