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New Patterns are coming…

A brief blog post this morning…and a bit of a rambling one at that.

You see, I’ve got two different things going on that are conspiring to make blog writing (at least, what I want to be writing about) a little challenging at this moment:  I am working on my own self-imposed schedule of getting new patterns out there very very soon and trying to devote all the time I can to working on getting all of those pieces together.  At the same time, I have been dealing with – for some time, really – very slow internet.  It makes wanting to sit down and write a post a little…well, off-putting, simply because I know the whole process is going to take longer than it should.  Not the writing, of course, but the saving of anything and the uploading and certainly any pictures…well, you get the idea.  Last week, I took the bull by the horns, made the adult decisions, scheduled the appointments, and tomorrow I will be getting a service call and switching internet providers.  Of course, I am dreading how much time of my day that whole process is going to take….

ANYWAY, all of this to say, I am looking forward to fixing this part of my life, because I know that blog posting (particularly with multiple pictures) should be way smoother from home than it currently is.  I know this from the times I have used other places, such as the library, for working on this blog.

As I have plotted out the work left to be done on the new patterns I wish to put out, I am trying really hard to just keep myself focused on the tasks ahead.  I found myself last night floating around to designers Instagram and Facebook pages, looking back, seeing what are typical “sneak peek” pictures.  Maybe at some point I will figure out how to best do things like that.  Right now, I have some good stories to share for the patterns I will be putting out there very soon.  But, I don’t know how to do a “sneak peek” without spilling all the beans, you know?  I’m still learning.  Everything.  I don’t think every designer does everything the same way and that is a good thing.  Variety, creativity – all of it is a part of our craft, our hobby, our art.

So, for this moment, just know that I am working hard on finalizing my current designs and I look forward to sharing them and their stories here and in other places with you very soon.  And, sure, I’ll leave you with one picture.  One little sneak peek.  🙂

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