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Nashville Needlework Market!


I’ve been back for over five days – why am I just now sitting down to write a bit about the Nashville Needlework Market?

A lot of distraction this week – that big C word we’re all tired of hearing about – plus a host of other little things.  But, truly, no real excuse of why it has taken me this long to share with you about my experience.

Just to recap:  I went to Market as a visitor this year.  I was not an official exhibitor, meaning I did not have my own room where I was selling my patterns.  However, my new Nashville releases were available for ordering in the Hoffman Distributing room. I went to learn.  And learn I did.  It was so incredibly helpful and useful to be there.  To get the big picture of what was going on, to visit rooms and talk with designers, to witness the transactions of purchases and understand how it all works.  To meet some first-timers who last year did exactly what I was doing this year (being a visitor at Market) and who reiterated how helpful it was to them.  Yes, there were at least three new designers there that came without ever having been before and I say kudos to them.  Me, I’m a planner. Someone who finds it so helpful to have a picture in my mind of what to expect.  I can now say I have that picture in my mind.

Everyone I talked with was so friendly and kind and supportive.  Encouraging of me and my work.  I brought with me these postcards and handed them to many people, designers and shop owners alike, whenever we were in conversation.  It was SO helpful to have this visual of my work to share with them.


I came away from Nashville with many lists – ideas of all kinds, things I need to think about on a practical level, ways to improve myself as a designer.  I’m hoping to move forward with WorksByABC in the upcoming months.  And, as for the question, will you be at Nashville next year, the answer seems to be, “how could I not?”

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