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More about Mary Foote

I was all ready to move onto another topic for this next blog post, but it seems like the Foote sisters wouldn’t quite let go of my mind.  After I wrote what I did a couple of nights ago, it was really bothering me that I was remembering so clearly Elizabeth’s bed rug from the Connecticut Historical Society exhibit and not Mary’s from Winterthur, despite having been to a number of Winterthur needlework exhibits and behind-the-scenes tours.  I headed to my bookshelves and took out the small booklets that have been put together for the last three needlework exhibits there.  And guess what I found?


Yes, sure enough, Mary Foote’s (or was is Foot?) bed rug was indeed on display during the exhibit I saw in 2011.  This would have been after the Connecticut Historical Society one.  I think I can vaguely picture where it was at Winterthur.  At the time, did I make the connection to Elizabeth’s?  I don’t remember.  And yet, I find it a fascinating bit about memory to think that I so strongly made the connection when reading recently the book Plain & Fancy.

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