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Looking for the Positive

In my most recent Flosstube video , I shared a story from my local area, about a man who has delivered newspapers for nearly 30 years offering to bring groceries to those on his delivery route during these quarantine times.  Many of his customers are seniors and were/are very grateful to him for his generous offer.  You can read the story here.

I think more than ever, we could use as much positivity as we can find.  There are so many harsh and sobering statistics and stories out there and I in no way want to push them aside.  But, because of them, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed with sadness and loss and grief, whether it be for a loved one or just for a lifestyle or life circumstances that are so radically changed for the time being.

I asked in my video for any suggestions of stories, websites, etc. like the one I shared – wanting so much to hear the good news, the positive pieces that were out there during this global pandemic.  I am glad to share some of the things that have crossed my path:

  1. @goodnews_movement on Instagram and Facebook is a daily source of uplifting pictures and stories.  Many are COVID related, but not all

  2. I had already been following @upworthy, again on both Instagram and Facebook, and many of their posts hit just the right spot at this time.

  3. Good Morning America television show has a part of their website devoted to good news.  I don’t watch the show, but I am imagining that they must feature some of these stories on the air as well.  Click here to open GMA’s good news page

  4. John Krasinski (of The Office fame) recently began a YouTube Channel called…Some Good News.  Only two episodes have been posted as of this writing, but they are phenomenal.  Well worth checking out.  Click here to go to Some Good News Youtube channel

If you have other suggestions for me to add to my list, pleas let me know!

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