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I’m back!

Long time, no see! I actually have no idea how many people will read this – it’s been so long since I’ve been actively working on my website and publishing blog posts regularly, it wouldn’t surprise me if almost no one reads these words.

If you’ve stumbled on here soon after this post is up, you might say my website is “under construction.” I’ve been playing around this afternoon with backgrounds and fonts and such and have kinda made a little bit of a mess. The kind of mess that you sometimes have to make before you can clean things up and organize them best. Please bear with me. I decided I need to jump in, getting my feet wet with a blog post, and I’ll work on cleaning up my mess over the next few days.

So, where have I been, besides completely ignoring this blog and website? Well, I actually moved this spring. It was not planned and not at all how I expected my life was going to go. From the time I found out I needed to move to my moving day was all of seven weeks. A bit of chaos, you could say! But, sometimes the things we don’t necessarily plan for work out for the best and that is where I am right now.

Because of the upheaval in my personal life, I haven’t put out any new WorksByABC designs since March’s Needlework Expo. Never fear! There will be new patterns in just a few weeks, designs that will be new for Needlework Expo – August edition. More on that soon!

In the meantime, thanks for coming back!

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