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Enthusiasm and Excitement Within Our Stitching World

Why, hello there.  Yes, I know.  I’ve let a few weeks slip by since I last wrote.

If you follow me on Instagram (@worksbyabc), you know that I went on an amazing trip recently.  I had been planning this for some time and, in the days leading up to it…well, some things just had to give on the to-do list.  Like keeping up with this blog.  I knew I wouldn’t write while I was away, but you can bet that there was much inspiration from my travels and blog posts will be forthcoming about some of the places I visited and some of the things I acquired along the way.  When I returned last weekend, I jumped head first into some personal family stuff.  And so, well, here I am, just trying to get back into the swing of things, just wanting to briefly check in with all of you.

Currently, in this moment:  my Instagram and stitching Facebook worlds are filled with pictures and posts from the Nashville Needlework Market that is going in this weekend (March 2-4).  Search even the slightest bit beyond those two social media outlets into store newsletters, designer sites, Flosstube videos and, well, you almost can’t escape it.  There is so much new and exciting within our stitching world going on right now.  To be clear, Nashville is the annual tradeshow for (predominantly) the cross stitch world.  It is not for consumers to shop; it is a wholesale market for shop owners to attend and stock up on the latest and awesomest from designers and stitching related (i.e. fabrics, threads, etc.) businesses.  As I dabble in and cross over and around the various other stitching worlds, I have been vaguely aware of other markets that happen at other times of the year, but since Flosstube (predominantly cross stitch) became so important in my life and led to my design work (mostly cross stitch), Nashville seems to loom bigger and larger.  It’s either that or the cross stitchers are just plain showing their excitement and enthusiasm a little louder and stronger 🙂 over the last few years.

I highly recommend you check out Gary Parr’s Fibertalk videos from Nashville.  He’s there, going room to room, interviewing designers, showing off all kinds of incredible designs.  Head over to Fibertalk’s website to watch his videos.  They are also posted on Fibertalk’s Flosstube channel on Youtube

There are tons of other places to find information about Nashville releases – shops are posting on Facebook and Instagram and sending out as much information as they can.  Many do Nashville parties in the upcoming week or so, as the owners return from the show with all their new goodies and want to offer them to their clientele, all the stitchers out there, as soon as possible.  Designers, of course, have also posted on their own websites and social media places.

I look forward to sharing about my trip to the West coast and all the stitching and lace related pieces of my travels in some upcoming posts.

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