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EGA Online Studio Class

I am thrilled to share with all of you that my piece was accepted to be an Online Studio course with EGA! Online Studio courses are what you think they might be – an online class that is offered by the national EGA organization. No travel, no extra expenses of taking an in-person class, just stitch at home and have some discussion with the teacher and other classmates online. My Rosette piece is scheduled for late 2021 (about a year from now).

I love the challenge I set for myself in designing this piece. It is stitched on 32 count linen using what most cross stitchers would refer to as “specialty stitches.” Unlike the use of those stitches in a typical sampler, where they often show up sporadically as an “accent” to the cross stitches, here I’ve stitched a piece that is completely specialty stitches. If you do any sort of canvas work (painted or charted), it is a concept you are very familiar with. Not as common when stitching on fabric, so I am hoping this course will appeal to different stitchers: the canvas people who usually don’t stitch on fabric and the fabric people who usually don’t do solid stitches other than cross stitch.

I will definitely be sharing more about this when the time gets closer!

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