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Currently stitching…

I really do need to find a happy medium within myself to blog post writing, wanting to share various things, but also making sure I find the time to sit down to do so.

For the last few weeks, ever since finishing my big Gossamer Lace in Blackwork piece, I’ve been working on Gossamer Lace in Cross Stitch.


The plan for this, however, is not to stitch the full design.  I know there are some out there who have purchased this pattern from me and have been going gang-busters with the stitching (and thank you for sharing pictures of your progress!).  I was thinking that I wanted to show the versatility of patterns, mine as well as plenty of others out there, by stitching two models of parts of the pattern.  The first plan is to stitch the inner part and finish in a hoop finish.  I’ve gotten this far:


This is stitched on 28 count fabric Smokey White by Zweigart, 1 over 1.  Yes, this makes for tiny X’s.  I wanted to stitch using only one strand of floss, I had the 28 count fabric that would be perfect to do the inverse colors of the blackwork piece, and, well, I do like small stitching.  So, I went to town.  I found the perfect thread in Classic Colorworks Blue Moon – the varigation is showing up beautifully.

Although this may seem like a complete circle as it, I am planning to do the next “round” of the design before I’m done.

And then, I’m planning to do a rectangular section of the design, incorporating three of the flower motifs.  Same thread, same fabric, but a 32 count, 2 over 2, so a more common size of cross stitching.  There may be (oh, let’s be honest, there WILL be) some other projects in between, but it wonderful to bring to life a design that I just love seeing.

Gossamer Lace in Cross Stitch is available in my Etsy store as a paper pattern here

Gossamer Lace in Cross Stitch is available in my Etsy store as a pdf pattern here

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