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Another Reveal for Expo – Rosebud Lace

I’ve written about the Needlework Expo coming up next weekend here and here – so feel free to go back and get the background information if you need it 🙂

Today, I want to share with you my next new design – Rosebud Lace.

If you are familiar with my designing style, you will know that I often take inspiration from pieces of lace. This is no exception. I love playing around with the texture and depth you can see when some thread variations are at working. Meaning, many of my lace pieces are not just a standard two strands of floss stitched over two linen or evenweave threads. For Rosebud lace, there are three different parts to the stitching. What shows up in the picture as the most “dense” looking spots are full crosses using two strands of floss. What shows up in the picture as the lightest or least dense areas are stitched with one strand of floss in tent (half of a cross) stitch. And the areas that are midway between those two types are stitched using one strand of floss, full cross. I stitched this on a 28 count evenweave fabric that I dyed myself using indigo and purple Rit dye. (At some point, I should write a blog post about my – very limited – fabric dying experience.)

Again, you can check the Needlework Expo website to see if you LNS is registered. They can get this pattern for you if you are interested!

More reveals to come!

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